Monitor calibration service

Everything depends on your monitor

If photos are important to you, it's vital that your monitor shows colours correctly. If printed photos aren't looking right, a wacky monitor is most likely to blame.

You only need to look at a wall of televisions at an electronic goods store to see how much colours can vary from screen to screen. If your monitor isn't calibrated, it's very difficult to get satisfactory results.

Our affordable calibration service gives you confidence in your photos, and is a vital step towards great printing.

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How does calibration work?

While the process is commonly called " calibration", there are actually two steps - Calibration and Profiling.

  • Calibration is the act of adjusting your screen's settings to achieve acceptable brightness and colour.
  • Profiling means "describing" your screen's characteristics to Photoshop, so it can properly display your images.

We use a state-of-the-art X-Rite i1 device to accurately calibrate and profile all monitor types.


$40 per monitor*, plus a travel fee depending on your location.

*You are required to download and install the necessary software beforehand. An extra $10 fee applies if I have to do this when I arrive.

Additional screens $20 each.

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Frequently asked questions

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