Professional Prepress Services

"Graphic Prepress" is the trade responsible for preparing all printed material for press. It is the vital link between the graphic design and printing industries.

Damien, our Photoshop expert, is a Prepress tradesman with many years' experience in all facets of the industry in south-east Queensland.

Save money on your printing costs

It's expensive to hire a graphic designer in Brisbane. If you need something printed, why not design it and arrange the printing yourself?

Just use the tools you have available (eg Microsoft Word) to create your document, and source the best printing price from one of the many reputable local and online printing firms.

Where do we come in?

The trouble is, printing firms usually can't accept files created in Microsoft or other business-level software. To provide you with affordable printing, they need print-ready files.

Damien can quickly and affordably convert your design into professional PDF artwork, suitable for printing.

This is not a graphic design service!

If you need something designed from scratch, you'll need to approach a creative bureau. There are many talented graphic designers in Brisbane.

But if you already know what you want, and just need it converted to a professional standard, you've come to the right place!

You can create your own ...

  • Business stationery: Design your own business cards, letterheads, etc, and we'll prepare them for printing.
  • Flyers: Need to promote your small business locally? Mock up a flyer and send it to us for the professional touch.
  • Posters: Suburban printing outlets can print posters quite affordably, but they sting you for design fees. Do it yourself and save plenty of money.
  • Books & Pamphlets: These don't really need any design at all, so why pay a designer? It's just a matter of transferring your text into a professional pagination program.
  • Logo: Create your own business logo, and we'll convert it into the various file formats required for your website, stationery, advertising, etc.
  • ... and plenty more.

Find out more

Contact Damien to discuss your requirements.

Would you like to learn to do it yourself?

Consider the Prepress Class. It's very affordable and very comprehensive.