Frequently Asked Questions - Colour

Why do my photos on screen look so much different to the prints?

The difference is understandable. After all, your monitor shows colour using light, and your printer uses inks.

That's why an accurate Colour Profile is necessary. A Colour Profile ("ICC Profile") compensates for the differences between output devices, ensuring you get consistent colour from camera to screen to print.

What is the difference between the "sRGB" and "Adobe RGB" colour settings in my camera?

"sRGB" and "Adobe RGB" refer to the amount of colour your camera can capture. The Adobe RGB colour space is larger, and can capture brighter colours, particularly reds.

But this does not mean that you should automatically choose Adobe RGB.

sRGB (the "s" stands for "standard") is necessary for the internet. So if you plan to email your photos, or upload them to a website, you should always choose sRGB.

Most labs and desktop printers are set up to more accurately print sRGB files. If you shoot in Adobe RGB, you might be disappointed when your bright colours print dull.

You should certainly experiment with the Adobe RGB setting, but be aware of its shortcomings. Contact us for more information.

My photos look great on my computer, but terrible on my partner's laptop!

No two monitors show colours quite the same. Which is correct - your computer, or your partner's? Probably neither. Which will print properly? Probably neither. Correct monitor calibration is critical.